Sales and marketing team

Sales and marketing team We have more than 90 sales and product managers, most of which have the medical and pharmaceutical professional qualifications. We cooperate with many dealers/joint brand promoters to get our products accepted by the hospital quickly. By strict management of dealers and joint brand promoters, making marketing strategies and organizing marketing conferences at national and provincial levels to give marketing training to our cooperative partners.

Market management

More than 20 years, the Group has sought for sales representatives of dealers and joint brand promoters and consulted them. Our sales mode is backed by our efficient internal management system for controlling such a huge distribution network. Over the years, our pricing strategy also contributed to the attraction of the Group to the dealers. Besides, many products of the Group have leading market position and strong portfolio. To support the business development of the Group, China NT Pharma Group Company Limited will keep expanding sales and distribution network, and further increase market share and market penetration. We will keep closely cooperating with partners across the country to realize our presence in places where presently we have no business or only limited business. In terms of hospital network, we will work hard to increase the coverage in the A, B and C-level and other hospitals.

Our marketing mode is very successful and cost-effective, wining us high market penetration rate in a short period of time.

The sales and management team selects and manages the joint brand promoters, and the sales representatives work for product sales and client attraction.

The market product management team plans and manages the product training, expert support and academic activities for the joint bran promoters, clients of the dealers and internal sales staff.

Our products have been distributed by more than 20,000 medical institutions all over China except for ibet and Taiwan and is widely recognized by Chinese medical instituions.

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