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China NT Pharma Group Company Limited (or “the Group”), founded in 1995, is engaged in investment, R&D, production, marketing and promotion of medicines and new medicinal technologies. It is a comprehensive pharmaceutical group.

On April 20,2011, the Group was listed on the mainboard of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. (stock code: 01011.HK). Headquartered in Hong Kong, it has an investment and marketing headquarters in Shanghai, a research and development company in Beijing, and more than ten R&D, pharmaceutical and sales enterprises across China, such as in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing, Guangzhou, Changsha and Hainan.

It’s focusing on development of core products of its brands, covering tumor and blood system diseases, digestive system diseases, central nervous system diseases, diseases of respiratory system and other therapeutic fields. It has a total of 131 product registration numbers issued by China Food and Drug Administration, among which more than 20 products are produced or sold by the subordinate pharmaceutical enterprises of the Group presently.


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